Friday, November 27, 2009

The Thankful Goat Thanksgiving Drawing

And the winner is....Barbara Ingels. Congratulations to Barbara who won a free Lotion, Soap, and Bath Salt Basket from The Thankful Goat. And thank you to each of you who ordered and got your name in the drawing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Welcome Christmas

With the temperatures hovering in the 70's it's kind of hard to think about dragging out the tree and ornaments, lighting up the bushes, and heading off to the mall to shop. But the goats and I have been busy little elves looking forward to some merry making:) There is nothing Athena loves more than a sudsy bath and a mani/pedi. You can look at her and tell she is 'in the groove' or at least she 'has her goat on.' On Monday she had such a day. We woke up to find she was in heat for the first time since we bought her back in September. We had aquired a lovely Saanan farm to take her to breed, but "oh my" girlfriend was in need of 'the works' if she was going to make an impression on that handsome boy goat. We got straight to work lathering her up and toenail filing. We always tell her how pretty she looks because she understands that means we love her. Buttercup was watching from the bleachers because she had already had her 'date' for the season. (we are looking for kids the first part of Febuary) So, we arrive at the farm and they bring out the big, hairy, boy goat with his Billy Ray Cyrus mullet and full beard. Quite a funny scene. I'll spare you all the details, but leave you with this: My husband, Steve, is finding it hard to get over and was quite traumatized by the whole affair. Athena didn't feel she got her money's worth and was hoping to at least have a meal and catch a movie. She's a Twi-Hard fan and roots for Team Jacob because she thinks Edward might eat her! So why, you ask, would I call this blog Welcome Christmas? Well because we look forward to baby goats and we're one step closer now. Winter is coming and new birth will be on us. It reminds me of the stable and the animals who over two thousand years ago got to witness the birth of the Christ. Meager little animals in their stall, not at all aware of the changes the world would see in His birth. Not aware of the love God showed for us on that peaceful night. We hope you can experience that peace that can only come from Christ. From the Thankful Goat we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And from Athena and Buttercup, "Give goat love a chance, man!"