Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas is almost here and so are the babies!

With only 15 shopping days left til Christmas, I have been absolutely humbled by the response of people to our "Thankful Products". I told Steve it's one thing for your friends and family to believe in you and buy your products, but when given the choice to pick from anything in a store from many different artists and crafters and they choose you that's just WOW! I am really grateful:) From now until Christmas Eve All of my products will be at the Caldwell Arts Council. Last Friday was the event opening and there was a packed house. Everything creative you could imagine was packed into the gallery and so much talent. It really put you in a festive kind of mood. And the people we met we so wonderful. If you are local to the area you should try to get buy for some one of a kind presents. Tuesday, December 15th 4 to 8 pm I will be selling at the Hudson Elementary School Christmas Bazaar. You will be able to catch two brand new products: Sweet Almond Sugar Scrub and Oatmeal and Benonite Clay Facial Mask. The goats give it their hoof of approval. As always there will be lots of Goat Milk Soap with 6 new fragrances, along with massage oils, bath salts, and Goat Milk and Honey Lotion. I will also have a Build-A-Basket site where you can custom make baskets for Christmas and bead jewelry and felted lambs wool bags. On another note, we have been plesantly suprised by Buttercup who seems to be farther along in her pregnancy that we thought. We were looking for Valentine's Day babies, but it looks more like we will be ringing in the New Year with her kids. Preparations are underway and the birthing kit is being gathered. I feel like a grandma awaiting her first grandkids! Very nervous to help out with the birth for the first time and the boys are beside themselves. Well if I don't catch you here before Christmas...Have a Very Blessed Merry Christmas and Remember to give Goat Love a chance man!
Dawn, Athena, and Buttercup

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