Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Happy New Year from The Thankful Goat:) We here at "The Goat" are very excited at what the New Year holds. First of all we will be updating our labels. We loved the idea of the hang tags, but they are very hard to deal with and easily get bent. We want the best looking product we can sell to you. Also, we had a great Christmas! The word got out about our products and now we will be selling in several stores. You can always call in your order or email me or message me on Facebook, but now The Arts Council in Lenoir will be keeping my products full time, as well as Black Bear Books in Boone and Ole Mexico Pottery in downtown Hickory. I will be pulling the merchandise at these places for a short time to retag them, but we should be back up and running in a couple of weeks. We have been given a wonderful opportunity to share soapmaking with some very special little people too. Hudson Elem. School will have me out one day after the babies are born to share with the WHOLE fourth grade! How cool will that be? I will discuss the history of soapmaking, and show them how soap is made. By that time we should have baby goats and they want me to bring them out so the kids can see them. Speaking of the babies, we are very close to Buttercup's kidding. We can't tell if she has one or two, but we are certain we are just days away from knowing. This weather is really bearing down on us. The goats have been heading in to our garage at night. We give them hay and water and they stay in their travel cages to sleep. We have been chopping fresh vegetables for them and they are loving life. The garage stays about 45 degrees, so the girls are excited about their cozy warm 'hotel'. Have a wonderfully blessed New Year and don't forget to give goat love a chance man!

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